Matto and Polo Biography

matto Matto and Polo are firmly established as the most popular clowns in Britain.

Matto (Mathew Ware), born in Portsmouth, from an early age always wanted to be a clown, and in 1975, at the age of 17, after a year at drama college, joined Gerry Cottles Circus. With Gerry's guidance, Matto's clown carrer had begun.

Premiere circus tours included UK, Channel Islands, Iceland and the Middle East. Matto has worked alongside great clowns - Charlie Cairoli, Sonny Fossett, Jacko Fossett and Jimmy Scott.

Television apprearances include - BBC Seaside Special, BBC Blue Peter, BBC the Two Ronnies, ITV Magpie, Billy Smarts Easter Circus, Cadbury Commercial, Daily Mail Commercial, World in a Ring (film).

In 1981 Matto teamed up with an inovative show in Chessington, produced by the daughter of Coco the Clown. Matto worked several seasons at Chessington taking a year out to work as a bluecoat at Pontins and a winter season with Circus Bolougne.

In 1986 Matto met clown Polo (Mike Bonfield). Mike had a major ambition to tour a mini clown circus show. Matto and Polo became partners and the Europa Clowns were born.

polo and matto Mike worked with several circuses, learning the tricks of the trade, nursing his ambition to own his own. Mike believes in this popular entertainment. Where else can genuine family entertainment be found today? In the age of pre-recorded, pre-packed entertainment what else is quite like a true circus clown show?

Over the years, Matto and Polo have grown to be a well known and respected partnership, working at theatres and venues worldwide.